HW4 - ChE178:ProblemSet#4 DueFriday,September26...

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Ch E 178: Problem Set #4 Due Friday, September 26 rate constants depend on temperature as:      k init = A init exp( - E init RT ) . (initiation)    k p = A p exp( - E p RT )  (propagation)     k term = A term exp( - E term RT   (termination) where T is temperature (K), the E's are activation enthalpies and the A's are  constants. The free radical polymerization of styrene in benzene is carried out using AIBN  as the initiator at both 50°C and 90°C.  Compute the ratio of the polymerization  rates and number average polymerizations of polystyrene produced at the two  temperatures given that: E init  = 126 kJ/mol E p  = 34 kJ/mol E term  = 10 kJ/mol 2. Your boss asks you to polymerize chemicals H and L to produce an H-L diblock copolymer with an H block with degree of polymerization of 400 and a L block with a degree of polymerization of 200 so that the entire block
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HW4 - ChE178:ProblemSet#4 DueFriday,September26...

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