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ChemE 178: Homework #5 Due Friday, October 17 1.) Consider a freely-jointed chain with a distance between joints of 0.6 nm. . a.) Compute the root mean square end-to-end distance of such a chain that has 10000 links. b.) Compute the radius of gyration of the chain in part a.) c.) Suppose that the links in the chain can be completed aligned in a straight line, by applying a force to the end of the chain, for example. What is the end-to-end distance of this (stretched or aligned) chain? 2.)(similar to Y&L 3.5): For the linear molecule of polyethylene with molecular weight 119,980 g/mol calculate a.) The contour length b.) The RMS end to end distance using a freely jointed chain (FJC) model and a freely rotating chain model. c.) Calculate the radius of gyration for the FJC model. d.) Compare the RMS end-to-end distance and radius of gyration with the contour length e.) The characteristic ratio (C ) for polyethylene from the Polymer Handbook is 6.9. What RMS end to end distance does this imply? What does this imply about
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