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Melissa Wk 7 Hispanic American Diversity - Melissa McCarty...

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Melissa McCarty ETH/125: Hispanic American Diversity University of Phoenix When it comes to Hispanic groups, it can sometimes be hard to find the differences between them. There really are differences although most people think that they are all the same just based on their physical appearance or the language that they speak. When it comes to the linguistics of Hispanic Americans, the common language between all of the countries of Hispanic Origin is Spanish. Most of the time, Spanish is the primary language and is mandatory however English is taught in the secondary schools. It is not a requirement for children to learn English but they do encourage it especially if the student is interested in pursuing higher education. Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Central/South Americans have a lot in common however they are separate ethnic groups that have come from various ancestors. Puerto Ricans make up the third largest group of Hispanics in the United States. Puerto Ricans are not considered to be foreign immigrants because technically they are Americans. The main language spoken by Puerto Ricans is Spanish however a different dialect called Castillian Spanish. This is different from the Spanish language heard in the Caribbean regions. They also can speak English which they had learned in private and public schools although in most cases teaching English in the schools is not welcome (Advamag, 2011). Puerto Ricans have very strong roles in raising their children. The children are raised to show respect to their elders and parents and the family structure is very close. The political beliefs that most Puerto Ricans have are very strong but they are torn between two different systems. One of these systems of beliefs
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focuses “on accepting the association with the United States and working with the American political system, the other system focuses on pushing for full Puerto Rican independence (Green, 2010)” Mexican Americans make up the largest population of Hispanics. Most Mexican
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Melissa Wk 7 Hispanic American Diversity - Melissa McCarty...

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