Missy Week 1 Define Race and Ethnicity

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When it comes to race and ethnicity, there are many different ways to look at the comparison. This is a topic that we deal with on a daily basis, no matter what the color of our skin may be or what our heritage is. When it comes to the question of what does race mean to me, I would have to say that it really doesn’t mean much of anything other than it being a word that is used to try to divide people and make them seem as if they are different based on the color of their skin. Almost like a title at a job because you see the question on every job application, college application, and even insurance paperwork. In some ways race and ethnicity are the same but in others they are different. The reason that I say this is because ethnicity is a sense of identity by knowing what your roots come from or what your heritage is. In my opinion, ethnicity is most commonly used to show people that share family history, blood lines, heritage, and even physical traits to group them with others who share common backgrounds. I, personally, do not feel that the concepts of race and ethnicity are important to the
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