Melissa Wk 7 Checkpoint Analysis of Electronic Payment Systems

Melissa Wk 7 Checkpoint Analysis of Electronic Payment Systems

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Melissa McCarty IT/205 Checkpoint: Analysis of Electronic Payment Systems University of Phoenix Business to Consumer (B2C) it is the model involving businesses and consumers. This is where businesses sell products and/or services to the general public through online services such as catalogs while utilizing shopping cart software. Business to Business (B2B) – This is where business are selling goods and/or services to other businesses. In this form, the buyers and sellers are both businesses so it does not involve an individual consumer. Consumer to Consumer (C2C) - Expedites online transactions of goods or services between two people. This is more the peer-to-peer aspect where two consumers will transact business between each other and may not involve a third-party. Some examples of these transactions would be Limewire, MP3Rocket, and Napster. Consumer to Business (C2B) which is where the consumer can offer up projects or business to various companies to bid on a job acceptance.
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Unformatted text preview: When comparing electronic payment systems the first form would be credit cards which is the most commonly used and accepted form of payment from most retailers. Another would be digital wallet which stores the information of the buyer and fills in the gaps at checkout which eliminates the buyer needing to enter the information over and over again. Stored value payment is one of the most common forms today which include sites like PayPal which you would deposit money into an account and the balance would remain for future purchases. Digital checking is another which I have used to pay my utility bills because it is a lot faster than sending a regular check. Internet technology and the B2B model help businesses look for suppliers as well as increasing the value of products. It also helps with good communication between consumers and businesses. Internet technology has also opened the door that connects consumers to businesses and provide larger profits and more information....
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Melissa Wk 7 Checkpoint Analysis of Electronic Payment Systems

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