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Anatomy Questions for Practical 3 What arteries interconnect to form the “Circle of Willis?” - Anterior communicating artery, anterior cerebral artery, posterior communicating artery, posterior cerebral artery, basilar artery, internal carotid artery What is the name for this (Circle of Willis) type of interconnection? - anastomosis The small intestine is composed of what three segments? - duodenum, jejunum, ileum Sheets of what serous membrane extend from the serosa to support and attach the small intestine to the posterior abdominal wall? - mesenteries proper What cells in the stomach secrete hydrochloric acid? - chief cells What are large lymphatic nodules that prevent bacteria from entering the blood? - Peyer’s patches The flap that closes the larynx so that food can only enter the esophagus and not respiratory passage is called the _____. - epiglottis The pathway of CO 2 from red blood cells to alveoli is: - RBC > blood > endothelial basement membrane > alveolar cell > alveoli space Describe the arterial circulation to a lower limb. - External iliac > femoral (>deep femoral to medial and lateral fermoral circumflex OR > descending genicular) > popliteal (>anterior tibial OR > posterior tibial > fibular) Why do veins have a thinner wall than arteries? - The walls of a vein collapse if the vessel is emptied of blood. Blood pressure is low in veins and valves prevent back flow, in peripheral veins have valves that keep blood flowing in one direction, toward the heart. - Because veins have valves - The do not have resistance What is the function of the upper respiratory system? - filter, warm and moisten air before it enters the lower respiratory system
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questions - Anatomy Questions for Practical 3 What arteries...

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