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David Hopkins Worksheet 1 (1) - 11 Name and sketch the...

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David Hopkins Worksheet 1 Basic Science, Small Molecules and Chemistry How Do Biologists Investigate Life? 1. The scientific method used in most biological investigations five steps: (List the answers giving an example for each) a. b. c. d. e. 2. What are hypotheses? 3. What is the definition of element? 4. Which of the following are not singular elements? a. Hydrogen b. Methane c. Water d. Carbohydrates e. Carbon 5. What is the definition of matter? 6. What are the risk/rewards of isotopes and give an example of an isotope: 7. What are the three basic subatomic particles? The function and significance? 8. Draw in the valence electrons(ignore the charges shown, I didn’t want to spend time photoshoping ) Na + Cl - 9. What are the four most abundant elements in living systems?
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10. Describe Hydrogen, Deuterium, and Tritium:
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Name and sketch the shape of the px, py, pz, and s orbitals below: Practice question 8 with: a.i.1. Hydrogen a.i.2. Carbon a.i.3. Nitrogen a.i.4. Oxygen 12. Define all of the following: a. Valence shell b. Valence electrons c. Valence 13. T/F Correct if false. An element with a full octet has electrons desiring to react with other elements. These elements should be kept away from other elements as they undergo violent reactions. 14. Why do biological systems not reach equilibrium? And what happens if they do? 15. List and describe the types of chemical bonding we discussed in class: 16. Sketch these bonds below 17. HYDROGEN BONDS-Draw them H H O H H \ / / \ \ / O H H O...
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David Hopkins Worksheet 1 (1) - 11 Name and sketch the...

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