Organelles - modified for its final destination Golgi...

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Organelles Nucleus- 2 membranes - phospholipid bilayer Nucleoplasm- DNA and proteins Lamins- anchor DNA Chromatin- dispersed DNA and proteins Ribosomes Composed of 2 subunits (large and small) Subunits are constructed in the nucleus from rRNA and protein Subunits exit the nucleus via nuclear pores Assembled in the cytoplasm to form ribosome Free ribosomes- floating in the cytoplasm Bound ribosome- associated with membranes Endomembrane system Endoplasmic Reticulum Rough ER- associated with making proteins o Studded with ribosomes (hence, rough) o Flat o Lumen- space inside Smooth ER o Network of tubes o No ribosomes Branches from outer layer of nuclear envelope Signal hypothesis-when mRNA manufactures proteins, there will be a signal sequence and goes into lumen of ER Vesicle will pinch off from rER and go to Golgi Apparatus, where the protein will be
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Unformatted text preview: modified for its final destination Golgi Apparatus • Modifies and packages proteins • A stack of membranous sacs • Cis region- receiving • Medial region- body of Golgi • Trans region- opposite of cis region Hydrolytic enzymes- carry out hydrolysis Lysosomes- break down materials • Ex.- food, recycling, makes environment correct for enzymes, bacteria breakdown, programmed cell death (tadpole tails) Vesicles & Vacuoles • Food vacuoles • Contractile vacuoles- rids organism of water • Central Vacuole in plants o Tonoplast- single membrane surrounding central vacuole * FIG. 5-18 Pg. 102 * Energy Related Organelles Mitochondria and cellular respiration • Cristae- folds of inner membrane • Double membrane • Cellular respiration requires oxygen...
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Organelles - modified for its final destination Golgi...

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