Quiz 3 unit 2 - David Hopkins Unit 2 Quiz 3 1 Which of the...

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David Hopkins Unit 2 Quiz 3 1. Which of the following is the best circumstance for the average cell? a. A membrane that prevents all exchange from the outside environment so potential pathogens are kept outside. b. A membrane that allows all exchange so the cell will always retain the ability to obtain water c. A membrane that displays selective permeability so some ions can pass and others cannot based on the cell’s discretion d. A membrane that only allows protein transport to achieve a strong structure e. A membrane that only allows lipid transfer to help the cell grow 2. All of the following are characteristic of the plasma membrane except a. Primary composed of phospholipids and sterols b. Display a lipid bilayer structure with hydrophobic regions meeting at the interior c. Utilizes the sterol cholesterol to maintain the desired fluidity based on temperature change d. Contain nucleic acid side change for cell communication e. Follow the fluid mosaic model 3. Select which of the following is not properly matched a. Carbohydrates- are attached to the outer surface of proteins or lipids to form glycoproteins or glycolipids respectively b. Cholesterol- interspersed among phospholipid tails in the bilayer influence the fluidity of the membrane c. Integral proteins- cross the entire phospholipid bilayer d. Peripheral membrane proteins- do not penetrate the bilayer at all e. All are correct 4. A tight junction a. Links adjacent cells tightly but permit materials to move around them in the intercellular space b. Allows adjacent cells to communicate
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Quiz 3 unit 2 - David Hopkins Unit 2 Quiz 3 1 Which of the...

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