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Creation - century B.C Anthropomorphic using human language...

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Genesis 1-2 Pentateuch “Five Books” Genres – narrative, poetry (Exodus 15), laws, travel logs, genealogies Authorship- Moses? Writing to later audience Structure: Primeval History (1-11) Patriarchal History (12-50) “These are the generations of…” (10x) Ancient Cosmogonies The creation accounts of Genesis 1-2 were not the only creation accounts in the ancient world. There were competing Cosmogonies or accounts about how the world came into being. For instance… The Epic of Atrahasis Enuma Elish- Babylonia Creation myth It is likely that the Israelites told their own creation story as a polemic against these competing creation accounts from Mesopotamia The biblical accounts were probably written down sometime during the Babylonian exile in the sixth
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Unformatted text preview: century B.C. Anthropomorphic- using human language to describe God Differences between Genesis 1 and 2 Genesis 1 Genesis 2 God- Elohim Lord God- Yahweh Elohim God speaks God gets involved (“down and dirty”) Animals created before man Man created before animals (makes Adam, then animals, then Eve) Universe garden A week no known time element Emphasis is on the world emphasis is on man and woman Picture of God Transcendent Immanent Picture of Humanity Pinnacle of Creation Made from dust Image of God Tiller of the garden Dominion over creatures Limitation...
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