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13 chemical equilibrium chemical reactions are in

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Unformatted text preview: othermic)   Energy is RELEASED (available to do work)   “Spontaneous” Negative ΔG 12 - G + G Free Energy What is a practical way to estimate free energy? How do you know if a reaction is “spontaneous?” 13 Chemical Equilibrium •  Chemical reactions are (in principle) reversible AB reactant product The reaction will proceed in which ever direction favors the formation of the most stable constituent Equilibrium constant Keq AB reactant product Keq= [B] [A] 14 Equilibrium constant Keq •  if Keq = 100   at equilibrium, [B] will be 100x [A] •  if Keq = 1   at equilibrium, [B] = [A] •  if Keq = 0.001   at equilibrium, [B] will be 1/100x [A] Which of the above would be spontaneous? Relationship between Keq and ΔG ΔG = - RT ln Keq 15 Relatio...
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