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Allosteric control allosteric site is where effector

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Unformatted text preview: nzymes •  Influenced by   Co-factors •  metal ions •  coenzymes Activity of Enzymes •  Influenced by   Inhibitors •  Competitive 24 Activity of Enzymes •  Influenced by   Inhibitors •  Competitive •  Non-competitive Control of Enzymes enz 1 enz 2 enz 3 enz 4 enz 5 enz 6 A→B→C→ D→E→ F→G WHICH ENZYME SHOULD BE CONTROLLED? • That depends... 25 Control of Enzymes How do you control enzymes? •  Allosteric control   Allosteric site is where “effector” molecules bind   Binding of effector molecule changes the conformation of the enzyme   Effector can be •  activator •  inhibitor 26 Feedback In...
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