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FRHD 2100 DE Lecture notes Chapter 17 - Commercial Sex/Sex...

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Unformatted text preview: Commercial Sex/Sex and Media Initial questions to consider? Subliminal messages Subliminal Have you ever bought a product because the advertising sold you? Have Was sex used to sell it? Was What made you want to buy the product? What Sex and Mass Media The naked body is still the primary means of selling a product The Portrayal of sex is blatant Portrayal Men are used to sell women’s products Men Women are not used to sell male products Women History Initially print, magazines, newspapers Initially print, Mores of the time dictated how individuals could be presented Mores Increasingly over the years sexuality has been introduced Increasingly Sex sells both products and television Sex Increased sexuality in mainstream television programs to bring viewers back from Increased HBO and satellite programs 50 years ago a movie or television program would not be released unless the couple slept in separate beds Now: can view varying degree of sexual explicitness in the home Now: Erotic Presentation in History Dawn of ancient civilization, people were drawing erotic images on walls Dawn Greece is famous for the erotic art that adorned bowls and urns Pornography did not emerge as a distinct category until the middle 18th century Pornography century Obscenity was illegal among the Puritans because it was an offence against God Obscenity Trace modern pornographic novel back to Renaissance writer, Pietro Aretino (1492Trace 1556) 1556) Story of Pornography • About those who attempt to identify or quantify what it is About Struggle for those that oppose it Struggle Erotica is n ot pornography but within the acceptable bounds of decency Erotica not French philosopher, Michel Foucault, referred to the constant sexuality in the media French as a modern compulsion to speak of sex incessantly modern Erotic Literature Portrayal of sexuality is old as art itself; pornography and censorship are more Portrayal are modern concepts The church in an effort to avoid individuals turning away from religious teachings (17th The century) pressed the government to allow them to inspect books century) Forbidden books began to be removed Illicit market in sexual art and literature and the forces of censorship still thrives Illicit Television and Film Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation (2003) Henry 64% of all shows included some sexual content 64% 33% found to include sexual behaviours 33% 14% incl uded sexual intercourse 14% included 15% have references to safer sex 15% Television, film and gender Popular sitcom’s may address issues addressing same sex relationships Popular issues Traditional role of woman as sex object predominates Traditional Sexual stereotyping most researched area of media studies Sexual Sexuality and Television (Folb, 2000): an 18 year old watched 20,000 hours of television: some degree of (Folb, impact on perceptions of sexuality Ads: erotic dating lines, thin women, men and women dressed in provocative Ads: clothing, medication for erectile dysfunction, Cyberspace Internet Internet Chat rooms, porn, cyber strippers Chat Interactive sex talks Interactive Pictures and live video conferencing Pictures Are relationships built and harmed by cyberspace sites? Vulnerability Who is the most vulnerable? Who Why? Why? Sexual encounters on television may be presented as spontaneous, romantic and Sexual risk-free. Viewers can observe depictions of intimacy and affection, marriage and family life, Viewers observe and gender roles, as well as suggestive and erotic behaviour Children’s toys • • • What are your impressions of the current toys children play with? Do you think they encourage sexualized playing or behaviour? Are there any toys, television programs, internet games and sites you would not want your children to visit? ...
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