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Page 1 of 6 Section A Select the BEST answer to the question provided and mark it on your Test Score Answer Sheet. A correct answer is worth one mark. . 1. What is the major structure shown in the electron micrograph on the right? a) tight junction b) hemidesmosome c) gap junction d) plasmodesma e) desmosome 2. Which of the following proteins joins cells to form tissues by interacting with similar proteins on the surface of the adjacent cell? a) integrins b) fibronectins c) laminins d) cadherins e) collagen 3. Free ribosomes are involved in a) creating proteins that remain in cytosol b) creating proteins that go back to the nucleus c) creating proteins that are used for the cytoskeleton d) all of the above e) a and c 4. Clathrin coated vesicles are formed from the plasma membrane a) within coated pits b) outer side of a coated pit c) inner wall of a coated pit d) away from a coated pit e) between two coated pits 5. Which of the following cellular structures allow the exchange of metabolites between the cytoplasm of two adjacent plant cells? a) gap junctions b) desmosomes c) plasmodesmata d) tight junctions e) more than one of the above
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Page 2 of 6 6. TOM and TOC refer to a) translocons of outer membranes of mitochondria and chloroplasts b) transposons of mitochondria and chloroplasts c) transfer complexes of mitochondria and chloroplasts d) transcription factors of mitochondria and chloroplasts e) translation initiation complexes 7. Which of the following molecules, found in the extracellular matrix of animal cells, contains a high amount of lysine residues in order to facilitate its covalent bonding? a) pectin
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Model%20Final%20exam - Section A Select the BEST answer to...

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