psyc 1200 mock final

psyc 1200 mock final - SLG MOCK FINAL FOR PRACTICE ONLY...

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1 SLG MOCK FINAL– FOR PRACTICE ONLY Winter 2011 – PSYC 1200 FORMAT: 60 MULTIPLE CHOICE SAMPLE QUESTIONS IMPORTANT: It is most beneficial to you to write this mock final UNDER EXAM CONDITIONS . This means: • Complete the mock final in 60 minutes. • Work on your own. • Keep your notes and textbook closed. • Attempt every question. After the 60 minute limit, go back over your work with a different colour pen or pencil and try to do the questions you are unsure of. Record your ideas in the margins to remind yourself of what you were thinking when we discuss the practice questions as a group next week. The purpose of this mock final is to give you practice answering questions in a timed setting and to help you to gauge which aspects of the course content you know well and which are in need of further development and review. Use this mock final as a learning tool in preparing for the actual final. Please keep in mind that an answer key will not be provided. GOOD LUCK! Disclaimer : Please note that this ‘mock final’ was prepared by students. There may be errors that are not evident unless you attend SLG sessions. This is designed to help you study for the final, but it is NOT A REPLACEMENT for study.
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2 1. A woman is kidnapped and held hostage for days. She is left starved, naked, and humiliated. After being released, she has no memory for the days she was held hostage. She is most likely suffering from: a. Post-traumatic Stress disorder b. Psychogenic amnesia c. Psychogenic fugue d. Dissociative identity disorder 2. Keri was abused as a child. As her father hit her, she imagined that the abuse was happening to someone else. What disorder might Kerry be more likely to develop when she is older? a. Paranoid schizophrenia b. Psychogenetic amnesia c. Bipolar disorder d. Dissociative identity disorder 3. A person visits a therapist and complains that she is depressed because people criticize her. The therapist tries to convince her that her depression is caused by her unrealistic belief that she must be liked by everyone. The therapist‟s tactics is a component of: a. Systematic desensitization b. Moral therapy c. Counter conditioning d. Rational-emotive behavioural therapy 4. Joey has an intense fear of heights. As part of her therapy, her therapist blindfolds Joey and takes her to the top of the CN tower, then removes the blindfold. What technique is the therapist using? a. Systematic desensitization b. Aversion therapy c. Flooding d. Counterconditioning 5. In order to help Janet overcome her nearly irresistible craving for chocolate, a therapist provides her with a supply of chocolate candies that contain solidified droplets of a harmless but very bitter-tasting substance. This approach to treatment best illustrates: a. Systematic desensitization b. Flooding c. Aversive conditioning d. Exposure 6. Summer has been having trouble sleeping, and is feeling lethargic. Every time something bad happens, Summer isn‟t surprised and think there is nothing that can be done to
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psyc 1200 mock final - SLG MOCK FINAL FOR PRACTICE ONLY...

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