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Research Memorandum - UCSD Extension Paralegal Program Memo...

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UCSD Extension Paralegal Program Memo To: Julia Dunlap From: Re: Research Memorandum Date: October 18, 2004 STATEMENTS OF FACTS Our client, Dan Sampson, is an 18 year old man who took the television set he had bought a while ago at the price of $600 to be repaired to Easy Eddie’s Repair shop. Mr. Sampson was required by the shop’s accountant to sign an agreement authorizing the repair shop to make any repairs necessary at any expense. The television set was supposed to be ready at the end of that week (Friday), but it was not. He tried to pick it up the following Friday as well, but it was not ready either. By then, the owner of the shop, Mr. Edward Slick, convinced Mr. Sampson that the television set would be ready by the following Wednesday. On that date, Mr. Sampson was presented with a repair invoice of $607.35. Our client refused to pay the excessive amount but was told to “take it or leave it” since he had signed an agreement making him responsible for the amount of the repairs. He left without the television set or paying the invoice. A few days later, our client and a friend parked near the shop. Mr. Sampson slipped though the back room and took his television set out the back door, put it in the car, and he and his friend drove away. The next day, two police officers appeared at Mr. Sampson’s home with a search warrant, found the television set and arrested Mr. Sampson for theft. QUESTIONS PRESENTED
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This note was uploaded on 12/10/2011 for the course LAW 203 taught by Professor Dunlap during the Spring '04 term at UCSD.

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Research Memorandum - UCSD Extension Paralegal Program Memo...

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