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Memo To: Jack Friery From: Date: December 10, 2011 Re: Contract Law Assignment: Chargers Ticket Guarantee From the Chargers side, the ticket guarantee was a good thing. The City of San Diego seemed to be eager to have the Chargers stay in San Diego and did not consider that the following areas where disadvantageous: The City agreeing to buy the unsold tickets up to the stadium capacity The Chargers right to set the ticket prices Not specifying “good faith efforts” to market the tickets Excluding the Chargers from paying the City 10% of the price of each ticket the City would buy. Allowing the team to choose to terminate their lease early and leave the City if their payroll exceeds a certain stipulated amount. There are some areas of risk that have not being limited in the deal. The City of San Diego has agreed to buy the unsold tickets up to the stadium capacity at the price that the Chargers set for the tickets. The chargers could choose to sell the tickets at a price that the public
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