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Seed Bank Summary - Sydney Dennis-Birnbaum Ms Bellingham...

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Sydney Dennis-Birnbaum Summary September 31 st , 2009 Ms. Bellingham SBI3U - 5 Banking for Life: Banking to Save Life Dictionary.com: [a bank is] ‘an institution for receiving, lending, exchanging, and transacting financial business’ basically, an establishment for protecting finances. But what happens when money isn’t at risk, but rather the global population? Over precautionary maybe, but we can sleep peacefully keeping faith in one sizeable source: seeds. Small and round seeds are seemingly insignificant, but crop scientists know they are key for future survival. Specialists have devoted their lives to the risky task of trekking across the world for different seed species for the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in the North Pole. With world population and urban expansion increasing, the amount of farmable land is decreasing, creating the setup for disaster. Diversity of plant life has been rapidly declining, making crops genetically uniform, thus, defenseless in catastrophe and in need of varied gene pools to survive.
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