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Biology 11 Unit 3: Genetics Review Questions for Genetic Test 1 (Test #4) 1. What does this part of the cell theory mean: “The cell is the smallest thing that retains the properties of life”? 2. List 3 reasons why cells divide. 3. Explain why our body is made up of billions of tiny cells instead of millions of larger cells. 4. When does a cell duplicate its DNA? Why is it necessary to duplicate the DNA? Why do you think that a cell duplicates its genetic material so far ahead? 5. Name 4 cell structures that are involved with mitosis. 6. What are spindle fibers and what do they do during mitosis? 7. What is cytokinesis? What would happen to a cell if it divided by mitosis but not by cytokinesis? 8. How are sister chromatids different from homologous chromosomes? 9. Why is it important that gametes be haploid? 10. Why is meiosis 1 called the reduction division? 11. What is crossing over and why is it so important? How do we know that it does not occur during mitosis? 12. Why is sexual reproduction considered a useful strategy for long-term survival of a species?
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