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Diversity Test Review Questions

Diversity Test Review Questions - Biology 11 Unit 4...

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Biology 11 Unit 4: Diversity Diversity Review Questions 1. Aristotle grouped all living things into 2 groups: animals and plants. Now, Aristotle was a pretty clever guy, but even in Aristotle’s time, with their limited technology this was an over-simplification. Explain why he could have done better! 2. What is hierarchical classification? 3. Why are scientists phasing in the 3 domain system and phasing out the system of kingdoms. 4. Explain what homeostasis is. 5. Explain how ‘response to stimuli’ and ‘interaction with the environment’ are different. 6. When we were studying evolution, we said that individuals do not adapt to their environments. (Remember: the baby Wooleyboogers either had a spoon nose or not; they couldn’t grow a spoon just because the food would be easier to eat with a spoon!). But we also said that ‘adaptation’ is one of the characteristics of life. Help! 7.
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