unit 2 test I question amalgamation

unit 2 test I question amalgamation - SBI3U Unit 2: Systems...

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Matching A Column A Column B 1.epiglottis___ 2.jejunum___ 3.liver ___ 4.tongue___ 5.pancreas___ 6.pyloric sphincter___ 7.gall bladder___ 8.cardiac sphincter___ 9.duodenum___ 10.salivary glands___ a. site of production of many enzymes b. the structure that separates your esophagus and your stomach c. produce an enzyme to moisten and start the breakdown of food d. controls movement of food from the stomach into the small intestine e. muscular sac for temporary storage and digestion of food f. a muscular organ for pushing food down g. the structure that seals off the trachea and prevents food from entering h. first section of the small intestine i. middle part of the small intestine j. produces bile k. stores bile l. the terminal portion of the large intestine m. part of the large intestine B: Breathing structure Definition Bronchi _____ Alveoli _____ Larynx _____ Epiglottis _____ Pharynx _____ Diaphragm_____ A. The smallest, finest tubes that bring air into the alveoli. B. The muscles that move the ribs up and out to help you to expel air. C. Another name for the oral cavity. D. The fine membranes in our lungs where the oxygen can cross into our blood stream. E. Sound is made as air passes over this part of the oral cavity. F. Another name for the windpipe. G. The two main branches of the windpipe that enter each lung. H. The muscle that is underneath your lungs and lowers to help you to inhale. I. The common passage (that comes after the oral cavity) where 2 systems cross. J. The flap of skin that prevents food from entering your lungs. K. Two folds of tissue that vibrate to produce sound, located in the windpipe. Labelling:
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unit 2 test I question amalgamation - SBI3U Unit 2: Systems...

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