unit 4 test question amalgamation

unit 4 test question amalgamation - SBI3U Unit 4 Diversity...

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SBI3UUnit 4: Diversity Test Questions Matching A: Each statement pertains to one of the following organisms. Use the term that best describes each statement. (13 Marks- K) A. Bacteria B. Protist C. Fungus D.Virus Number Statement 18. It has two possible life cycles which are lytic or lysogenic 19. Often contain a plasmid with additional beneficial genes 20. Secretes exoenzymes 21. Staphylococcus 22. Can create a fairy ring 23. Cellular terrorists that take over host cells 24. The simplest living creatures that have a single loop of DNA 25. Paramecium 26. Recycle vital nutrients between living and non-living world 27. The head is called a capsid and is made mostly of protein and protects the genetic material inside 28. Single celled or multi-celled organisms that can be photoautotrophs, heterotrophs, and mixotrophs 29. Body structure includes a network of hyphae 30. Mold B: Match the words with the correct statements below. There will be words left over. Use each word only once. A. phytoplankton B. diatom C. alginic acid D. green algae E. amoeba F. endocytosis G. endosymbiosis H. symbiosis I. endoenzyme J. exocytosis K. carageenan L. nori M. euglena N. paramecium O. photosynthetic prokaryote P. aerobic heterotrophic prokaryote i unicellular algae with walls made of silica ii a mixotroph iii capable of asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction involving meiosis iv used to thicken ice cream
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unit 4 test question amalgamation - SBI3U Unit 4 Diversity...

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