10_Ch 18 College Physics ProblemCH18 Direct-Current Circuits

10_Ch 18 College Physics ProblemCH18 Direct-Current...

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108 CHAPTER 18 18.10 First, consider the parallel case. The resistance of resistor B is () 6.0 V 3.0 2.0 A B B B V R I === ()() () 6.0 B battery A VV V ∆= In the series combination, the potential difference across B is given by The current through the series combination is then V-4.0 V 2.0 V = 2.0 V 2 A 3.0 3 B s B V I R and the resistance of resistor A is ( ) 4.0 V 6.0 23 A A A s V R I = == 18.11 The equivalent resistance is e qp RRR = + , where p R is the total resistance of the three parallel branches; ( )( )
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