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150 CHAPTER 19 19.19 For the wire to move upward at constant speed, the net force acting on it must be zero. Thus, sin BIL mg θ = and for minimum field 90 = ° . The minimum field is ( ) ( ) () ( ) 2 0.015 kg 9.80 m s 0. 5.0 A 0.15 m mg B IL == = 20 T For the magnetic force to be directed upward when the current is toward the left, B must be directed out of the page . 19.20 The magnitude of the magnetic force exerted on a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field is given by sin FB I = l , where B is the magnitude of the field, is the length of the conductor, I is the current in the conductor, and l is the angle the conductor makes with the direction of the field. In this case, ( )( )( ) ( ) 0.390 T 5.0 n 5.46 N sin
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