20_Ch 22 College Physics ProblemCH22 Reflection and Refraction of Light

20_Ch 22 College - 252 CHAPTER 22 22.41(a Snells law can be written as sin 1 v1 = At the critical angle of incidence(1 = c sin 2 v2 v the angle of

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252 CHAPTER 22 22.41 (a) Snell’s law can be written as 1 22 sin sin v v 1 θ = . At the critical angle of incidence () 1 c = , the angle of refraction is 90° and Snell’s law becomes 1 2 sin c v v = . At the concrete-air boundary, 11 1 2 343 m s sin sin 10.7 1850 m s c v v −−  == =   ° (b) Sound can be totally reflected only if it is initially traveling in the slower medium. Hence, at the concrete-air boundary, the sound must be traveling in air . (c) S , so the wall is a good mirror. ound in air falling on the wall from most directions is 100% reflected 22.42 The sketch at the right shows a light ray entering at the painted corner of the cube and striking the center of one of the three
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