30_Ch 23 College Physics ProblemCH23 Mirrors and Lenses

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296 CHAPTER 23 23.55 With light going through the piece of glass from left to right, the radius of the first surface is positive and that of the second surface is negative according to the sign convention of Table 23.2. Thus, 12 2.00 cm and 4.00 cm RR = += . Applying 122 nnnn 1 p qR to the first surface gives 1 1.00 1.50 1.50 1.00 cm 2.00 q 1.00 cm + 1 2.00 cm q =− 16.0 cm which yields . The first surface forms a virtual image 2.00 cm to the left of that surface and 16.0 cm to the left of the second surface. The image formed by the first surface is the object for the second surface, so and 2 p =+ nn
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