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334 CHAPTER 24 24.68 Phase reversals occur in the reflections at both surfaces of the oil layer, so there is zero net phase difference due to reflections. The condition for constructive interference is then 2 bright n film tm m n λ  ==  (1) and the condition for destructive interference is 11 2 22 dark n film m n =+  (2) Solving for the order number, m , in equation (1), and substituting into equation (2) gives the film thickness as () 500 nm 313 nm 4 1.20 1 500 nm 750 nm 41 dark film dark bright t n λλ = 24.69 (a) Assuming that n in the figure at the right, Ray 1 undergoes a phase reversal as it reflects at point A, but Ray 2 has no reversal as it reflects at B. Therefore, the condition for
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