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34_Ch 24 College Physics ProblemCH24 Wave Optics

34_Ch 24 College Physics ProblemCH24 Wave Optics - 336...

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336 CHAPTER 24 24.71 The refractive index, n , of the wedge material is greater than that of the surrounding air. Thus, when illuminated from above, light reflecting from the upper surface of the wedge experiences a 180° phase shift while light reflecting from the bottom surface experiences no shift. The condition for constructive interference of light reflecting from the thin film of transparent material is then 1 2 2 nt m λ = + where m 0, 1, 2, = and the condition for destructive interference is 2 nt m λ = where m The thickness, t , at distance x from the edge of the wedge is found using the similar
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