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Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Gentle Warrior Rebellious Desire Honor s Splendour The Lion s Lady The Bride Guardian Angel The Gift The Prize The Secret Castles Saving Grace Prince Charming For the Roses The Wedding The Clayborne Brides Come the Spring Ransom Heartbreaker Mercy Killjoy Murder List Slow Burn Shadow Dance
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Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, ABOUT THE AUTHOR JULIEGARWOODis the author of numerousNew York Times bestsellers, includingShadow Music, Shadow Dance, Slow Burn, Murder List, Killjoy, Mercy, Heartbreaker, Ransom, andCome the Spring. There are more than thirty-six million copies of her books in print. ONE APOLAR BEAR DID HIM IN. THE BIGGEST DAMNED POLARbear anyone had ever seen in or around Prudhoe Bay in the last twenty-five years, or so it was reported. Arrogance got him killed, though, and if William Emmett Harrington hadn t been such a narcissist, he might still be alive. But he was a narcissist, and he was also a braggart. The only topic of conversation William was interested in was William, and since he hadn t accomplished much of anything significant in his twenty-eight years on earth, he was painfully boring. William lived off his inheritance, a hefty trust fund set up by his grandfather, Henry Emmett Harrington, who must have had an inkling of the lazy-ass gene he was passing down, because his son, Morris Emmett Harrington, didn t work a day in his life. And William happily followed in his father s footsteps. Like all the Harrington men before him, William was a handsome devil and knew it. He didn t have any trouble getting women into his bed, but he could never lure any of them back for a repeat performance. No wonder. William treated sex like a race he had to win in order to prove that he was the best, and because he really was a narcissist, he didn t care about satisfying his partner. Whathe wanted was all that mattered. His past conquests had come up with various nicknames for him. Pig was one. Quick Trip was another. But the one that was uttered most behind his back was The Minute Man. All the women who had gone to bed with him knew exactly what that meant. Besides self-gratification, William s other passion was running. He d made it a full-time job because, as with sex, he was shockingly fast. In the past year he had accumulated twenty-four first-place prizes within a six-state area, and he was about to enter a 5K race in his hometown of Chicago to collect his twenty-fifth. Since he believed crossing the finish line first was going to be a momentous event that everyone in Chicago would want to read about, he called theChicago Tribune and suggested they do a feature article about him in the Sunday paper. Harrington also mentioned more than once how photogenic he was and how a full-color photo of him would enhance the article. One of the local news editors at theTribune took the call and patiently listened to William
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Fire and Ice - Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter,

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