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TRANSPORT NURSE (TN) FUNCTIONS: TN is for ELECTIVE FLOOR CASES only. ICU, ER, STAT floor cases and on-the-day-scheduled cases are not included. Upon arrival at 6AM duty, the TN should check scheduled cases for: o Time scheduled and room availability o Pre-op Medications o Lacking Consent, Billing, Clearance and Protocol Get first patient (scheduled at 7:30AM) at 6AM, if there are 3 scheduled 1 st cases or for as long as all 1 st case patients are in the OR by 6:30AM-6:45AM. Call to prepare patient at least 15 mins before wheeling in : o Stretcher o Pre-op meds to be given o Close trans-out charting Confirm if patient is ready before going to the area. After transporting all 1 st cases, check for patients who are for post-op visit, based on green forms done the day before. FILL UP INTRA- OP IN iCHECK. Use iCheck checklist for elective floor patients who had been given pre-op visits. STAT cases or patients who were not given pre-op visits will be checked for c/o’s and written in a blank paper. Write (base on green form): Patient’s name, room, doctors, operation done, time in OR, drains, & c/o’s, if applicable. If post-op and pre-op visits are done, other TN may do the any of the following: o Linen folding and packing o PACU reinforcement o OR reinforcement o DR reinforcement TRANSPORTING PROCESS: TN should be accompanied by OR orderly and floor orderly when transporting patients. Upon arriving at the area, go to the patient first.
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