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McPherson Hospital Howell, Michigan response to community and employee interest in waste reduction, Servicemaster Inc., McPherson Hospital’s food service provider, MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY ENVIRONMENTAL ASSISTANCE DIVISION PO BOX 30457 LANSING Ml
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Case Study Source Reduction in Action Before using washable dishes, all cafeteria meals were served on disposable dishware-- polystyrene plates, paper cups, plastic cup lids and straws. (While paper cups are currently used instead of washable glasses, ceramic cups have replaced polystyrene cups for hot drinks.) The switch to reusable dishware proved to be quick and easy to implement. A motivated staff and a relatively independent manager were major factors in the implementation of the program. Since the hospital already used a dishwasher for washing cutlery, trays and plates for patient meals, the changeover required no major capital investment. Moreover, the hospital already possessed the space necessary for storing reusable dishware. Environmental Responsibility Using washable dishware has reduced waste at McPherson Hospital by 43 pounds per 1,000 meals served. Although labor costs have increased after the conversion to reusable-the hospital has spent significantly less on dishware and supplies. Water, steam and electricity use increased after
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00138-michigan - McPherson Hospital Howell Michigan...

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