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1 University of the Philippines OPEN UNIVERSITY Faculty of Management and Development Studies COURSE GUIDE IN N-204 Advanced Pathophysiology 1 st semester SY 2010 - 2011 COURSE DESCRIPTION: This is a three-unit course and one of the core courses of the Master of Arts in Nursing program of the Faculty of Management and Development Studies, University of the Philippines Open University. N-204 gives you the concepts and principles in the development of diseases and the body’s responses. It describes the natural history of diseases- from the risk and etiologic factors to clinical manifestations and complications- using a conceptual approach from the perspective of human regulatory mechanisms. Learning is therefore focused on the major functions of the body and the common disease states that affect each. There is a wide coverage for this course. By classifying the common disease states under major body functions, such as, protective mechanisms, oxygenation, fluid & electrolyte balance, perception & coordination, etc., the more important principle of how the body adapts to such conditions is emphasized. Nurses play a major role in restoring patients to health by having competence in assessment, formulation of nursing diagnoses, and planning of care. Without understanding the pathophysiology of the disease and how the body adapts, it would be difficult to do proper assessment, identify nursing diagnoses, understand
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