HA2225 syllabus Spring 2011

HA2225 syllabus Spring 2011 - HA2225 Finance Spring 2011...

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HA2225 - Finance Spring 2011 Course Syllabus Lec 01: M,W 11:40P-12:55P 196 Statler Lec 02: M,W 1:25P-2:40P 196 Statler Professor: Jay Wellman ( [email protected] ) Office: 435D Statler Phone: 255-8302 Office hours: Tue. 1p-3p or by appointment Course Material: Textbooks (Required): Ross, S. A., Westerfield, R. W. and Jordan B. D., Fundamentals of Corporate Finance , Ninth Edition, 2010, McGraw Hill. ISBN: 978-0-07-338239-5 (standard edition). Malkiel, B. G., The Random Walk Guide to Investing , 2003, W. W. Norton. ISBN: 039332639X. (Note: this is NOT the same as “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” by the same author) Financial calculator (Required) : TI BA-II Plus. Available at the Cornell Store, as well as Target, Wal-Mart, on-line, etc. You may use other calculators for number crunching, but I will only use the BA-II in class and you will need the financial algorithms in the BA-II to take exams successfully. Wall Street Journal (Recommended): Not required, but you should either have your own subscription or have regular access to the WSJ if you are interested in a career in finance. I will go over many articles from the WSJ and other news- sources in class, to both keep up with current events in the field, as well as to tie the course material to real-life examples.
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Course Format: This class meets twice per week. I will be following the flow of topics and concepts in the book selectively, but I will also spend time on how to solve related problems. Questions are always welcome; please don't hesitate to interrupt at any point. Lecture notes will be on Blackboard at least 24 hours in advance of class. I will also use Blackboard to post new information or to send out emails to the class. Solving the problems from the “Questions and Problems” section in the back of each chapter is essential. For each chapter, I have given you a list of suggested problems. These problems are representative of what you might see on an exam or quiz, but it is not an exhaustive list. If you find the problems difficult or if you want further practice, you should solve some of the other problems from the “Questions and Problems” section. For your convenience, the solutions manual is posted on Blackboard. Regular class attendance is expected, but I do not take attendance. If you miss a class, you are responsible for obtaining notes from the website or from your fellow classmates. After obtaining the notes and reading the material, feel free to ask me any questions. TA Offices: 431, 439 or 444 Statler (wherever there is an open desk). There will be several TAs for the course. During the first or second week of the course, I will post the TA office hour schedule on Blackboard. If a TA needs to cancel or change their office hours, they should post an announcement on the Blackboard page, so be sure to check Blackboard before coming over to Statler. If a TA misses their office hours without posting an announcement, or is unhelpful or rude, please let me know. Academic Integrity:
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HA2225 syllabus Spring 2011 - HA2225 Finance Spring 2011...

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