EE-208 Digital Logic Fundamentals

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Required Course EE-208 Digital Logic Fundamentals Catalog Description: Credit 4. Class 3. Logic Gates, Boolean algebra, Various number base systems, Signed and unsigned numbers and their arithmetic, Optimized implementation and simplification of complex Boolean functions using Karnaugh’s map and tabulation method, Analysis & design of combinational circuits (half adders, full adders, ripple carry adders, carry look ahead adder, decoders, multiplexers, encoders etc.), Analysis and Design of sequential circuits (latches, flip-flops, edge-triggered and master-slave flip-flops, characteristic tables, excitation tables, state diagrams, state tables, basic registers and counters and their extended versions,). Prerequisite: Nil Corequisite: Nil Text Books: 1. Stephen Brown and ZvonkoVranesic, Fundamentals of Digital Logic with Verilog Design , 2 nd Edition, McGraw-Hill. Reference Books: 1. M. Morris Mano, Digital Design , 3 rd Edition, Prentice Hall. 2.
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