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Physics support tutorial week 4 Topic Three: Simple Harmonic Motion, Waves, Interference 1. A body of mass 100 g hangs from a long spiral spring. When pulled down 10 cm below its equilibrium position and released, it vibrates with a period of 2 s. (a) What is its velocity as it passes through the equilibrium position? (b) What is its acceleration when it is 5 cm above the equilibrium position? 2. A block of mass 4 kg hangs from a spring of force constant k = 400 N/m. The block is pulled down 15 cm below equilibrium and released. (a) Find the amplitude, frequency, and period of the motion. (b) Find the kinetic energy when the block is 10 cm above equilibrium. 3. Given that the equation of motion of a mass is x = 0.20sin(3.0 t) m, find the velocity and acceleration of the mass when the object is 5 cm from its equilibrium position. Repeat for x = 0. 4. A certain pendulum clock keeps good time on the earth. If the same clock were placed on the moon, where objects weigh only one-sixth as much as
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PST_Topic_Three_Simple_Harmonic_Motion - Physics support...

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