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Values Alignment Team Paper - Values Alignment-National...

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Values Alignment-National Breast Cancer Foundation National Breast Cancer Foundation Values Evolution of Personal and Workplace Values (Sam) How Personal Values Drive Actions and Behaviors Actions and behaviors are factors of people that depend on his or her upbringing, beliefs, and accomplishments. The values of a person depend on that person’s decisions for problems and other decision making necessities. People are taught different decision making tools throughout school, work, and his or her personal life. These tools that are taught to him or her can change the values of him or her in a split second. An example is a person who was brought up in a untraditional way and then one day, had a family of his or her own and that was all it took for family to be an important value to him or her. Our values guide us and decide how we are going to approach any situation; with optimism, a positive attitude, loyalty to family, and a commitment to our obligations.
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Alignment Between Values, Actions, and Behaviors (Pat) Janelle Hail, the founder of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1980 at the age of 34. Her diagnosis gave her the courage to turn tragedy in triumph. Ms. Hail’s optimism and positive attitude and her family values led her to help other
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Values Alignment Team Paper - Values Alignment-National...

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