Circuit Switcher vs. Circuit Breaker

Circuit Switcher vs. Circuit Breaker - Smart questions...

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Smart questions Smart answers Smart people Go Find A Forum Go Join Directory Search Tell A Friend Whitepapers Jobs Home > Forums > Electrical / Electronic Engineers > Activities > Circuit Switcher vs. Circuit Breaker thread238-23640 wbd (Electrical) 20 May 02 12:08 What is the difference between a Circuit Switcher and a Circuit Breaker? Thank You hani51 (Electrical) 20 May 02 13:54 the difference is that the circuit breaker has protection feature (thermal and magnetic protection) while the switch has no protection. if you want to install a chillar as an example you need to install a circuit switch near you for maintenance purpose, then you can be sure that no body could switch on power by mistake .so you should install a circuit switch (isolator ) to cut the power and control it . You don't need to install a circuit breaker. wbd (Electrical) 20 May 02 13:57 Oops, I should clarify, I'm asking about high voltage (>46kV) applications . dpc (Electrical) 20 May 02 14:00 I think the question is about high voltage circuit breakers versus high voltage circuit switchers. The primary difference is the interrupting rating. The circuit breaker will generally have a higher short circuit interrupting and withstand capability, and is capable of high speed reclosing. The circuit switcher generally has a lower interrupting rating and is not applied in reclosing applications. But it is much less expensive. These are typically applied for high-side transformer protection. redtrumpet (Electrical) 21 May 02 13:27 The S & C Mk V Circuit Switcher, for example, makes absolutely no mention of being built, tested, or rated in conformance with any ANSI, IEEE, or other standards. As dpc states, the interrupting ratings are low and you have to read the fine print to determine your application to get the correct interrupting rating. And since they don't conform to any known standards, you are basically accepting the manufacturer's word for the ratings. Bose® Official Store Shop award-winning products from the most respected name in sound.
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MarkAthay (Electrical) 21 May 02 16:00 Circuit switchers are generally used as was mentioned for high-side transformer protection. They work very well in that application. The S&C Series 2000 has fault ratings in excess of 20 kA, which is adequate for most applications. The circuit switcher has the following benefits: Compact, low cost, and some models include a visible break switch in their operation. Drawbacks over a circuit breaker include low-speed reclosing, and not designed for high-operation environments. Mark in Utah
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Circuit Switcher vs. Circuit Breaker - Smart questions...

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