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Statistics Test 3(1)-1

Statistics Test 3(1)-1 - Statistics Test#3 Normal...

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Statistics Test #3 Normal Approximation for the Binomial and Normal and Sampling Distributions NAME:_________________________ 11/11/2011; due Fri. 11/25/2011 1. Weights of a certain model of fully loaded gravel truck follow a normal distribution with mean μ = 6.4 tons and standard deviation σ = 0.3 ton. What is the probability that a fully loaded truck of this model is (a) less than 6 tons? 1. (a) __________________________ (b) more than 7 tons? (b) __________________________ (c) between 6 and 7 tons? (c) __________________________ 2. Quality-control studies for Speedy Jet computer printers show that the lifetime of the printer follows a normal distribution with mean μ = 4 years and standard deviation σ = 0.78 years. The company will replace any printer that fails during the guarantee period. How long should Speedy Jet printers be guaranteed if the company wishes to replace no more than 10% of the printers? 2. _____________________________ 3. A toll-free computer software support service for a spread- sheet program has established a target length of time for each customer help phone call. The calls are targeted to have a mean duration of 12 minutes with a standard deviation 3 minutes. For
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