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Course Information II Head GSI The head GSI this year is Todd Pugatch. If you have any questions regarding the administrative side of the course, please send an email to him at [email protected] . Office Hours and Walk-Ins For every section, we offer two office hours with your GSI. Location and time will be announced in the section. If you have a question in between, email your GSI. Please, use only the office hours of your GSI. Also, please do not walk into the office of a GSI outside office hours. We will not be able to help you outside the assigned office hours. There will be extra office hours before each exam. Homework Extra Credit To obtain the homework extra credit, you need to turn in your homework regularly and show effort towards solving the questions. We will collect your homework at the beginning of the section. Make a copy of your homework so that you have it for reference during the section meeting. Late homework is not accepted under any circumstances. We will randomly select one
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