CovpageV2 - V2 Name Signature ID Section Number February 7 2008 Midterm I Economics 401 Instructions 1 Use only a number 2 pencil 2 Print your name

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V2 Name_________________________ Signature______________________ ID#__________________________ Section Number_____________ ___ February 7, 2008 Midterm I Economics 401 Instructions: 1. Use only a number 2 pencil. 2. Print your name at the top of this page where it says Name . Sign where it says Signature . Use the signature that you normally use on official documents. 3. Sign the scantron answer sheet in the top-middle where it says YOUR SIGNATURE . 4. Print your name in the blocks provided and blacken the circles in the space provided on the upper left of your answer sheet. Put your last name, then your first name. 5. Write your section number and blacken the corresponding circles in the lower left-hand corner of your answer sheet where it asks for section number. 6. Put your student ID number in the identification number section, and blacken the appropriate circles. 7. In the column on your answer sheet where it says FORM , copy the number following the v (for Version) from the upper-left corner of this page. This is essential for the
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