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final exam instructions for students - Final Exam...

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Final Exam Information The final exam will be 120 Minutes long. There will be 50 questions total: 15 Short True/False Questions and 35 Multiple Choice Questions. Points: 15 True/False at 7Pts (Total 105), 25 Medium MC at 7 Points (Total 175), 10 Hard MC at 12 Points (120), for a total of 400 points. As before, the multiple choice questions will have four possible answers. We will take half of the questions from the assigned problem sets or from the solved problems in the book. Solved problems are those questions in the last part of the chapter which have a star * or a W next to them (some W problems have no online solutions, but these will not be used). You can also find some solved problems in the text. We will alter these questions so that they are not exactly the same as their original format. In particular, we will change the numbers in the questions and we change the wording of the multiple choice questions and their answers. The exam will be cumulative, with approximately 70% of questions on material covered since midterm 2, and approximately 30% on material from midterms 1 and 2. All the material that was relevant for the midterms is relevant for the final. A list of topics for the new material is posted on Ctools. Although the focus is on new material, the exam may refer to older material in the same context.
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final exam instructions for students - Final Exam...

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