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Topics for the Final Exam Student Edition

Topics for the Final Exam Student Edition - Topics for the...

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Topics for the Final Exam (New Material) Note: The topics listed below are indicative but not exhaustive. In general, we have followed the book only very loosely. Therefore, only material covered either in the lecture or on the problem sets is relevant material for the exam. (You might still find it helpful to read the related chapters in the book (11 -14, 18, 19). In particular, Chapter 13 and 14 are close to what we covered while chapters 18 and 19 are not.) Static Games: Dominated Actions, Dominant Actions, Iterated Elimination of Strictly Dominated Strategies (IESDS), Interpretation of IESDS, Application to Price Setting and Quantity Setting with Two/Three Actions, Nash Equilibrium, Best Response, Interpretations of Nash Equilibrium, Application to Cournot, Bertrand with Differentiated Products, Cournot with N Players, Lerner Formula, Positioning Game (Politics), Public Good Provision Dynamic Games: Sequential actions, (Non-)Credible Threats: Subgame Perfection and Backward Induction, Commitment and First Mover Advantage,
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