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Irish Hunger Strike Activity Portfolio Week 6 - Officer...

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Joshua Dray History of Terrorism 12-2-11 Irish Hunger Strike The 1981 Irish hunger strike was the result of a five year protest which had been going on during The Troubles of Ireland. Prisoners were participating in hunger strikes in both the years of 1980 and 1981. The first hunger strike lasted a total of 53 days. The second was a hunger strike which was participated in by prisoners including one was elected a Member of Parliament. During the hunger strike the Member of Parliament, Bobby Sands, and 10 other prisoners starved themselves to death. The Funeral Sands attracted the attention of nearly 100,000 people. During the 1981 hunger strike it was clear that the demands of the prisoners had not been met and that they would continue a second hunger strike. Bobby Sands led the strike being the IRA’s former
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Unformatted text preview: Officer Commanding, OC, he was put in prison and had a huge following by other prisoners throughout the year. Sands protested for sixty six days, but on that day he died in the Prison Hospital. The death of Sands prompted rioting in nationalist areas of Northern Ireland. His funeral attracted over one hundred thousand people and was conducted with full IRA military honours. The Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, who was responsible for not giving into Sand’s demands said that she felt no regret for his death. She said Sands was a convicted Criminal and he chose the death he received because he made the decision himself not to eat food. During the same week of Sand’s death more hunger strikers died which caused even more rioting in the street....
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