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Joshua Dray History of Terrorism 12-2-11 Discuss Blood Friday Bloody Friday is what the Irish people call the bombing the IRA in Belfast on the 21 st of July in 1972. Bombs were exploding all over Belfast, over 22 in total. Of those 22 bombs which exploded 9 people died, and over 130 more were injured. The bombing were targeted against economic, military and political targets in Northern Ireland. There were over 1300 bombs that took place that year because of the failure of the secret talks with the British Government. The IRA gave warning to the security forces that control the media up to 30 minutes before they went off. However the bombs that killed people were deliberately disregarded by the British forces as to make it seem like the IRA was responsible for actually killing people. The large number of
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Unformatted text preview: bombs that were placed in Belfast at that time resulted in people being evacuated from the area, but because there were so many bombs some groups of people had evacuated from one bomb site to another. It seems that many of the bombs were designed more for demonstrative purposes rather than with the intent to hurt people. Bombs were placed in areas where they would do damage to a building, but the places had plenty of time to evacuate the surrounding area. One bomb site which was not evacuated in time was responsible for nearly half of the damage done that day by the bombers. The IRA did major damage to the people of Ireland that day, and demonstrated much worse then what should have happened....
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