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Anglo Irish Peace Agreement portfolio 5 activity

Anglo Irish Peace Agreement portfolio 5 activity - British...

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Joshua Dray History of Terrorism 12-2-11 Anglo-Irish Peace Agreement The Anglo-Irish Agreement was an agreement between the United Kingdom and the people of Ireland. It was an agreement that helped to bring an end to the terrorism and lashes out against the English people. The treaty gave the Irish people a role in their own government. The agreement stated that there would be no change in the constitution of Ireland unless a majority of the Irish people were able to agree to join the Republic. The agreement was setup between British and Irish government officials and was signed on the 15 th of November in 1985. This was a fairly recent event in history, as the Irish have only recently gained their independence from the
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Unformatted text preview: British. The agreement was signed by British Parliament with an overwhelming majority to let the Irish govern themselves. However the unionist within the Irish population didn’t like the agreement which led to mass rallies and civil disobedience. The agreement failed to bring any immediate end to violence within the political spectrum. The two sides of the Irish government still fought and argued over power for the next 12 years until the Good Friday agreement came along. However the agreement helped to solidify the relationship between the Irish and the English. They no longer fought over who was in power of the Government and it has since helped to bring a stronger relationship between the two....
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