Michael Collins Week 5 act.

Michael Collins Week 5 act. - think about Michael Collins,...

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Joshua Dray History of Terrorism 12/2/11 Michael Collins Portfolio #5 Activity Michael Collins was an Irish Rebellion leader who was responsible for terrorist attacks in his country. His attacks upon the English helped to show the world what the situation in his country was truly like. He helped to bring convince the English to begin to give authority to some parts of Ireland as well as begin the movement for an independent republic. Michael Collines realized that fighting an all out war agains the English would be an impossible situation. So instead he began selective terrorism acts against the British. His solution to the situation was to plant bombs and kill off many of the people who opposed Irish rule. Many people died in the terrorist activities conducted by Michael Collins. Many Irish people are in debate as to what to
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Unformatted text preview: think about Michael Collins, the one who started the bombings against the English or the one who also asked for the bombing against the English people to stop. Michael Collins is held in good regard among Irish people and is seen as a hero for the things he did for his country. He is seen as a patriot that helped to bring Irish independence from the gripping forces of the English. Many argue whether what Collins did was right or wrong, but I think the real question is did he accomplish the mission that he sent out to accomplish. Did Michael Collins use of selective terrorism against the English win his country their independence? I think the answer to this question is yes Michael Collins did....
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