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week 6 - killed Research the Malvern Street Murders Compare...

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Activities What was the Mission of the UVF? Discuss what Unionists called “Bloody Friday” The Guilford Four and the Birmingham Six. Define Discuss the type of person who would participate in Unionist Terror. Why is this a problem? Identify the participants of the 1980-1 hunger strike in the Maze. Discuss the pivotal point caused by the Omagh tragedy. Who were the Provos? Who replaced the Royal Ulster Constabulary? Papers: Develop a chronological timeline of IRA attacks. Include who, what, where, when, dead or
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Unformatted text preview: killed. Research the Malvern Street Murders. Compare and contrast the IRA and the PIRA. January 30, 1972 Bloody Sunday. Develop a timeline of what happened including who where and when Discuss the two ways the UK redirected their methods of dealing with the IRA. Expand discussion beyond Law Text. Book Review: The Green Book 1977 Discuss the Belfast Agreement – also known as the good Friday agreement – and clarify winners and losers. Week 7 2 activities and one paper on domestic terrorism...
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  • Spring '11
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  • Belfast, PIRA, Royal Ulster Constabulary, Provisional Irish Republican Army, 1980-1 hunger strike, Malvern Street Murders

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