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Henner test 10-25 - Joshua Dray Dr Henner Test Due by 11PM...

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Joshua Dray Dr. Henner 10/25/11 Test Due 10/25/11 by 11PM Essay Five: Explain the role of a two party political system in America. What are the essential similarities and differences between the Republican and Democrat parties? Why hasn’t the US embraced a multi-party political system? A two party system is a system in which a government has two main political parties; in the case of the US these parties happen to be the Democrats and the Republicans. Because of this all or nearly all elected offices are held by members of one of the two parties, rarely do we find a third party candidate taking office. When we have a two party system the majority of the seats in the legislature are typically held by one of the two parties. The party with more seats to their name is called the majority party, and the party with less is called the minority party. When a two party system exists it is extremely difficult for a candidate from a third party to take office. In
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