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Joshua Dray 10-13-07 SIS 100 Kipling’s Kim Rudyard Kipling is a brilliant author in the book Kim . He gives us the story of a boy named Kim who lives in Lahore in India. This book tells us the story of Kim as just a boy and his progression into a young adult who eventually becomes a spy for the British government. Kim’s life is seemingly meaningless as a boy until he meets the very old Teshoo Lama from Tibet. This lama helps Kim in his understanding of life and acts as a father to Kim. Along their journeys the pair meet several interesting people, and overcome many obstacles. The book Kim starts off telling us about the young white child which we come to know as Kim. Kim is an orphaned child whose parents died at a very young age. Kim’s father was an Irish soldier, and his mother was a maid for the Colonel. His mother died while Kim was too young to remember her from cholera and his father died from alcoholism and an opium overdose. After introducing to us Kim, we understand that Kim is thirteen years old, and he has learned the tricks and trades of the street. His so called adoptive mother is more than likely a prostitute, and also a drug addict to opium. He has several friends from the streets, and we also learn that Kim is an excellent beggar. The story takes a turn though when a foreign man from a caste unknown to Kim enters the story. This man is very unusual to Kim as he knows every caste of every person in Lahore.
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As this man enters the city of Lahore, Kim learns that he is the Teshoo Lama from Tibet. Kim offers to take him to the city museum so that the Lama may find what he has come looking for; which is the Buddhist relics. Kim learns that the old man is fond of him because of his help. When the pair arrives at the museum, the reader learns that the old man is looking for the River of the Arrow. The River of the Arrow is fabled to be the place where Buddha shot an arrow and out forth sprang a river, this river is supposed to have cleansing power, and cleanse anyone who bathes in it of their sins or ‘taints’. Kim being fascinated by the Teshoo Lama begins to follow him. As the Lama
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Kim - Joshua Dray 10-13-07 SIS 100 Kiplings Kim Rudyard...

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