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Formal Poetry Paper Joshua Dray 3/6/2011 HU 142-1 Word Count: 862 “Out,Out-“ is a dramatic narrative by Robert Frost. The author shows the passing of a child who hand has been cut off by a buzz-saw. The story is told by a narrator, the poet, in such a distant voice, with a lack of empathy which adds to the distance that the narrator is trying to add to the poem. The poet does not try to connect with the little boy, this shows that he is not trying to make the reader sad, but that the poets true intention is made clear by distancing himself from the
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situation at hand, he wants to make the reader think about the goodness of life, and how easily death can come upon us. After doing some research on the poem, the meaning of the title “Out, Out” comes from Macbeth, a play where the main character dwells upon the death of his spouse, Lady Macbeth. Life in this poem is shown through the use of the candle that portrays how unimportant and short lived our lives truly can be. This poem has many different parts of literature; one of the most prevalent metaphors is that of the buzz-saw. Another interesting use of speech is the metonymy of how the word ‘life’ is used. In the beginning of the poem the buzz-saw is shown to be snarling and rattling. The buzz-saw is shown to have two human aspects that seem to be contradictory. The way the buzz-saw “rattles” shows that it seems to be harmless much in the same way that a baby may have a toy rattler to play with. The rattling
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Poetry Paper - Formal Poetry Paper Joshua Dray HU 142-1...

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